Nitrogen Tire Inflation for your BMW, Mercedes, Volvo

Arlington, Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)

  When it comes to tire inflation, nitrogen has many advantages over oxygen.  Nitrogen has been used by NASCAR and commercial airlines for years, but using it in passenger car tires is a fairly new phenomenon.   

Sam and Joe’s is proud to offer nitrogen tire inflation.

The normal air that we breathe contains about 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, yet the remaining balance contains water vapor and other gases.  Nitrogen is considered better for use in tire inflation than standard air because nitrogen filled tires have noticeable improvements in vehicle handling, fuel efficiency, gripping the road, and tire life.

Under inflation of tires between Maintenance and Scheduled Service

Our nation loses more than 2 million gallons of gas everyday due to underinflated tires.  The average tire loses one to 3 lbs of air a month, and nitrogen reduces the rate at which compressed gas diffuses through tire walls due to the nitrogen molecules being 4 times the size of oxygen molecules. Tire pressure is retained three to four times longer with nitrogen. We have found this is critical in keeping your tire pressure optimal between services and schedule maintenance.

Tire and Wheel Life

Low tire pressure can cause your tires to wear quickly on the shoulders while over inflation can cause wear to the center. By using nitrogen you can eliminate the oxidation and condensation caused from regular air which can result in increased tire and wheel life. Oxygen reacts to temperature change and when temperature rises it causes the oxygen to react and it damages tire liners. 


Under inflated tires are known to cause up to 90 percent of blowouts. Keeping tires inflated to the optimal pressure is critical in lowering the risk.  Nitrogen tires have cooler running temperatures.Nitrogen decreases the risk of blowout because it puts less pressure on the sidewalls of the tire, and there will be less deflation and re-inflation which undermines the stability of the tire.  Nitrogen tires are safer, non-flammable, and should be used to reduce the number of car accidents due to a blowout from low tire pressure.